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Asian Five Spice – Used for stir fry and Asian cooking

Blackened Seasoning – Used for steak, chicken and fish

Cajun Seasoning – For spicy Cajun cooking

Chicken 14 Herbs & Spices – Great for fried or baked white meat

Citrus – For fish and chicken

Chile Cheese Bacon – Dip, condiment and mixed with olive oil to marinate chicken

Curry Rub – Good meat rub for curry lovers

Curry Sauce – A condiment for meat or mixed with rice

Dill Dip – Vegetable dip, served as sauce on salmon or a condiment on hamburgers in place of pickle and mayonnaise.

Onion Cheese Dip – Also good on taco

Mild Smokey BBQ – Hickory smoked dry rub or can be mixed with liquid to for sauce

Parmesan Herb Dip – Good to make broasted potatoes, Amish have been buying it to make Parmesan Bread

Southwest Seasoning- Spicy western rub

Spicy Cinnamon – Health crock pot seasoning for pork roast

Steak Seasoning – A Montreal type seasoning

Taco Seasoning – No preservatives or fillers

Tomato Basil – Our most useful spice for a multitude of uses. Soup , stew, pasta and beef

Tomato Ranch Dip – Anything you can make with ranch seasoning

Vegetable Seasoning – Season up those fresh summer vegetables like reen beans and new potatoes

“New” Spicy Lavender Rub – Wonderful rub for turkey, chicken, duck, pork and lamb

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