Become a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at our market. We are proud to serve as an outlet for local farmers and artisans to showcase their locally grown and handcrafted wares. We also strive to create and maintain a diverse marketplace at the park. On any given Saturday, shoppers can find produce, plants, herbs, baked goods, preserves, fine art, jewelry and artisan crafts at the market. If you feel like this is the right venue for your items, please read the following general information about becoming a market vendor:

Market Season: The 11th season of the Syracuse Artisans & Farmers Market will take place every Saturday from May 11 through September 14 (19 dates).

Time/Location: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at Veteran’s Memorial Park at Crosson Mill located at 303 W. Henry St. in Syracuse.

Vendor Type

  • Seasonal Vendors are vendors who reserve the same space for the entire market season by paying a fee in advance. Each seasonal vendor is limited to one 10’x10’space unless otherwise assigned. Seasonal vendors will be assigned spaces based on a point system established in 2013.
  • Weekly Vendors are vendors who reserve spaces on a week to week basis. Each weekly vendor is limited to one 10’x10’ space unless otherwise assigned. Weekly vendors will be rotated around the park throughout the market season and cannot be guaranteed the same location every week.

Vendor Fees

Vendor TypeFee

Vendor Point System

A point system designed to reward vendors who have participated the most consistently in recent years will determine the allocation of seasonal booth spaces. Space reservations will be made based on the total number of points earned at the end of the previous season. Vendors with the most points will select their spaces first. Vendor points will be calculated as follows:

Weekly1Three year running total (2016-2018)
Prior Season Bonus10At least half the markets in 2018
Recent Season Bonus5At least half the markets in 2016 &

Point totals for each vendor will be distributed at the annual vendor meeting. Weekly vendors will also have their point totals monitored in case they decide to become a seasonal vendor in the future.

Weekly Spaces: Weekly booth space will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. In order to secure a spot for any given week, weekly vendors must submit a contract and payment at the Syracuse Community Center between 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday. Weekly vendors may reserve booth space in advance for multiple weeks throughout the market season, excluding the Fall Harvest Festival on October 12; a separate registration form will be distributed for this event.

Cancellations/Refunds: All vendors are required to notify the parks department in person or by phone by calling 574-457-3440 before 5:00 PM Friday if they will not be utilizing their space at any given market. Refunds will only be issued to weekly
vendors who adhere to this deadline.

No Show Policy: Vendors who fail to notify the parks department of their absence prior to the 5:00 PM Friday deadline and had yet to pay for their space will be required to pay for the spot that was left vacant the next time they participate. A second offense will result in that vendor being dismissed from further participation during the market season.

Products & Sales

  1. The Syracuse Artisans & Farmers Market strives to be growers and producers only market.
  2. Vendors selling produce must grow at least 80% of their items for sale.
  3. Vendors may supplement up to 20% of their displays with items procured from other producers as long as those items are locally grown (within 150 miles of Syracuse) and clearly labeled with the farm name.
  4. Selling of farm produce (fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, etc.) and other processed or potentially hazardous food products must meet all legal requirements and have all necessary documentation.
Home Based Vendor Products
  1. All home-based vendor products (baked goods, candies, preserves, syrup, honey, etc.) must have proper labeling.
Artisan Items 
  1. All artisan items (art, crafts, jewelry, etc.) must be original and handmade by the vendor selling them.
  2. Pre-manufactured, mass-produced, imported or commercial products are not permitted to be sold at the market. 
  3. Independent consultants representing Direct Sale or Multi-Level Marketing Companies are not permitted.
Prepared Foods
  1. Vendors who sell or sample any food for consumption on-site must have a Food Service Establishment Permit from the Kosciusko County Health Department.
  2. A maximum of two prepared food vendors may participate at any given market.

All vendor products are subject to review by the Market Staff. All items deemed inappropriate will either be denied entry into the market or requested to be removed from the vendor’s display.

Set-Up/Parking: Vendors may arrive at the market at 7:45 AM to set-up. All parking spaces in the park are reserved for customers only. After setting up, vendors must move their vehicles out of the park to the designated spaces at Town Hall, Fire Department or any of the several nearby off-street options. Vendors with a physical disability, however, may park on the west side of the park.

Space Occupation: Vendors must be present at their booths or have a representative cover for them during the market hours from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Early teardowns are only permissible in emergency situations.

Renting Space: Seasonal vendors may not sublet or transfer their spaces to other vendors. Only the Market Staff can assign booth spaces.

Shaded Booth Spaces: Shaded booth spaces are limited at the market. The Market Staff encourages all vendors to have some form of covering (canopy, umbrella, etc.) to protect them and their products from exposure to the sun and weather.

Weather Policy: The market will take place rain or shine and will close only in the event of severe weather conditions.

Signage: Vendors must keep all signage and other advertising materials confined in their booth spaces.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed near the booth spaces or customer isles. Vendors are asked to detach themselves from the park and find an unpopulated area to smoke.

Vendor Etiquette: All vendors are expected to maintain high standards of honesty and integrity with respect to the representation and sale of their product. Vendors are also expected to conduct themselves at all times in a professional, courteous and helpful manner towards customers, other vendors and the Market Staff. Misrepresentation about your product or discourteous, rude and disruptive behavior is grounds for dismissal from the market.

Enforcement: The Market Staff will interpret and enforce these rules in a fair, non-discriminatory and equitable manner. All problems and conflicts should be directed to the Market Staff.

Revised: 3/4/19

Download a PDF of the 2019 Vendor Agreement to fill out and hand-in directly or Fill out the Form Below. For more information about the Market, please contact Darin Lursen at [email protected]

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